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Introducing Twisted Lister!

If you love viral list builders, you are already familiar with their simple concept: your referrals pass their first four leads up to you.

But let's twist this up a bit!

With Twisted Lister, your referrals pass their first three leads up to you.  They keep the next four leads for themselves.  And then they pass their next three leads to random members.

But it doesn't end there.  The passing of leads never stops!

Once a member has referred those first ten leads, a random number is chosen.  For example, let's say that the chosen number is seven (out of ten).  The member keeps their next seven leads and then passes the remaining three to random members.  Then another random number is chosen and the process is repeated.

But it gets a lot more twisted than that!

If you upgrade your account, you get these addilional twists:

 • Your referrals pass leads up to you, instead of passing to random members!

 • In addition to leads, your free referrals pass up referrals (ordinarily, they pass up the lead, but keep the referral)!

 • Lifetime account holders also get random referrals!

PLUS, all members receive my "Viral Builder Success" PDF for free!  You can apply my simple tricks to any viral list builder, including Twisted Lister, Viral Builder, 30-Minute List, Traffic & Sales 4 Me, etc.  Put these tricks to use and see a guaranteed boost from opt-in to confirmed opt-in!

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